The aim of this proposal is to realign Loaf’s design and marketing strategy to a younger demographic. Based on my daily interactions with our customer base, I have observed a significant shift towards a younger audience. These consumers, typically in their late 20s and 30s, prioritise stylish home furnishings that fit their modern lifestyles. By tailoring our design and marketing efforts to resonate with this younger demographic, we can better meet their needs and preferences, ultimately expanding our market reach and driving brand loyalty among the new generation of homeowners and renters. London is teeming with young professionals, some of which are jumping on the property ladder, seeking to create stylish and comfortable modern spaces. By strategically placing our ads in tube stations near financial districts, we can directly target this exact demographic. These high traffic areas are frequented by individuals who value convenience and are constantly on the move, making them the perfect audience for our trendy furniture. Eye catching, memorable ads in these locations will capture the attention of potential customers and maximising our reach in attracting the right people to Loaf.​​​​​​​

To create an extremely memorable ad that fits with the current trends, I have focused on simplicity and fun, two key elements that resonate with today’s younger demographic. The ads utilise minimalist design aesthetics and will feature the most popular models with the younger audience I have witnessed. These include Squishblocks, Wodge, Big Easy and the Pillowtalker bed. I have also noted green is undoubtably the most popular colour they request, when they come into the shack, so targeting this will increase demand. The ads will incorporate a catchy, memorable slogan. By prioritising these elements, I aim to create adverts that not only stick in the minds of our audience but also aligns perfectly with their lifestyle and values, yet keeping the original "Loafy" feel and tone.

Implementing this targeted advertising strategy will significantly enhance Loaf’s brand value by directly engaging a key demographic of young professionals. These individuals are not only entering the property market, but are also keen on investing in high quality, stylish furnishings that match their modern lifestyles. By positioning our ads in high-traffic Tube stations near financial districs, we can effectivly reach and attract this audience. This approach will drive increased brand awareness and recognition among a lucrative customer segment, leading to higher sales and a stronger market presence. Ultimately, this will reinforce Loaf’s reputation for offering trendy, functional home furnishings, cementing our position as a go to brand for the new generation of homeowners.
Warning may cause drowsiness 
“Warning may cause drowsiness,” a playful slogan that cleverly uses a common phrase to highlight the exceptional comfort of our beds. This humorous play on words not only catches attention but also makes the advert memorable. By warning viewers about the risk of drowsiness, we emphasize the unparalleled coziness and inviting nature of our beds in a fun and engaging way. This lighthearted approach, combined with its relatable and modern twist, appeals directly to the younger demographic, who appreciate humor and creativity in advertising. By resonating with their sense of fun and enjoyment, we create a strong connection with this audience, ensuring our brand stays top of mind.
Green is the new Black 
“Green is the New Black” - a catchy and memorable slogan designed to resonate with the younger audience. This minimalistic yet impactful slogan captures the essence of modern trends, as research shows green has become the most popular colour choice among young professionals for sofas. The advert embraces this preference, creating a lasting impression that aligns with their contemporary and stylish tastes. I wanted the designs to look extremely minimal and clean, which again resonates with the chosen demographic and ensures an on trend striking design.
Warning may cause unintended laziness 
“Warning may cause unintended laziness” - This attention grabbing slogan cleverly plays on the common warning labels seen on products, injecting a dose of humour into the advertising campaign. By highlighting the potential side effect of “unintended laziness,” we humorously emphasise the irresistible comfort and relaxation offered by our products. This witty and memorable phrase not only captures attention but also creates a lasting impression, ensuring that our brand stays on the minds of consumers long after they’ve seen the advert. With its playful tone and relatable message, this advert is sure to resonate with our audience, making it a standout addition to our marketing efforts.

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